Imo Equity to Build New Luxury Apartments on Rua Serpa de Pinto 475 in Porto

The Porto market is increasingly dynamic, this time a new residential building is born on Rua Serpa Pinto, in the Ramada Alta area, in Porto, representing a global investment of 4 and a half million euros.

This is one of the projects managed by Imo Equity, a property management company based in Porto, which is developing 10 new real estate investment projects in Porto and two in Braga, which will represent a total investment volume of over 60 million euros. euros and more than 250 new apartments.

Serpa Pinto 475 is being built by the construction company Invenio Engenharia and consists of 19 apartments. The Serpa Pinto 475, stands out from the real estate offer in the city of Porto not only due to the typologies (T1, T2, T3 and T4 Duplex), but also due to the fact that all apartments have a garage equipped with a load of electric vehicles, and also of a collective bicycle storage.