IMO EQUITY is a company offering engineering services for the Real Estate Project Management industry.

IMO EQUITY offers integrated project management solutions that encompass the different stages of the undertakings, specifically: strategy consulting when analysing real estate, assessment of permits and execution projects and supervision and management of works.

Imo Equity
Imo Equity - Missão e Valores
Mission, Vision, and Core Values

The mission of IMO EQUITY is to enhance the assets of our clients.
The company has the ambition of being recognised as the company that elicits the best solutions to optimise the return on our clients’ real estate investments.
Our performance is governed by the following core values:

  • Professionalism and
  • responsibility;
  • Loyalty and transparency;
  • Creativity and proactivity;
  • Mutual cooperation;
  • Work ethic;
  • Know-how and experience.
CEO | Founder Member
During his professional career, he was a designer at HIDURBE, construction director at FERSEQUE, director of IMOBILIÁRIA EDIFER, director of real estate projects and administrator at GRUPO AMÉRICO AMORIM, director of ABRANTINA INVESTIMENTOS IMOBILIÁRIOS, director and administrator of FDO IMOBILIÁRIA, director of real estate management at GRUPO ACA and administrator of companies INTERACA BV (Netherlands), ACA RE POLSKA and MIODOWA (Poland), becoming involved in the design/development of numerous real estate projects, such as Quinta das Luzes (Gondomar), Lago II and Boapor I Buildings (Porto), Infante à Lapa Building (Lisbon), Optimist Apartment Complex (Vila do Conde), Antas Houses Building (Porto), Braga Studium Building, Bragança Shopping, Gaia’s Clihotel (Health Unit), Sana Silver Coast Hotel (Caldas da Rainha ), Login Foz and Marechal 1000 and SETTE Apartment Condominium (Porto).
Imo Equity

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Imo Equity
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